Concrete Deck Placer

1, The arms of HGY19 Concrete Deck Placer adopt the design of lightweight, and can rotate horizontally. The machine is driven by hydraulic with simple structure, easy to operate.
2, Adopting circular column with strong carrying capacity, little shake. Also have the ladder and the retainer of platform, easy to maintain.
3, The main electronic components are products of the world-famous brand, with high-quality.
4, Adopting removable foundation which can remove as a whole without disassembly for easy moving, it can be used quickly.


HGY19 Concrete Deck Placer is in line with Concrete tower boom placer concrete pump construction equipment in the fabric of the concrete pouring operation. Use concrete fabric function for full productivity, concrete pumps, improve casting quality and reduce labor intensity.

The tower boom placer assembly machine from the fabric, turning pedestal, tower, undercarriage, concrete pipes, hydraulic system and electrical control system and other components. Fabric arm for the two box-type structure, to achieve two horizontal swivel arm section through the hydraulic system can be transported to the required concrete construction surface. Hydraulic system has a safety relief valve to prevent overload of work organization.

Electrical control system can achieve the control cabinet panel operation and a wired remote control. It has a different mode of operation interlock function to ensure safe use.

This concrete deck placer requires the help of a crane to install, should be confirmed before installation of the crane lifting performance meets the requirements.


Have the concrete foundation on which the cruciform base is to be erected prepared in accordance.

Hydraulic System

It is a power set for equipment operation and composed of motor, hydraulic pump, oil tank, hydraulic cylinder,block.

Swirl gear

It’s with Pullman reducer,composed of hydraulic motor, decelerator, pivoting support, etc.


Model HGY19
Radius of placing boom (m) 19
Stationary height (custom made available )(m) 8
Slewing range (°) 360
Power of motor (KW) 4
Pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 16
Type of hydraulic oil H46
Two hydraulic slewing arms (m) 1st section 10.5
2nd section 8.5
Boom articulation (°) 1st section 0~360
2nd section 0~360
Delivery pipe dimension (mm) DN125
Delivery hose dimension (inside diameter×length) (mm) 5″×3000
Mode of operation Cable Remote Control
Radio Remote Control
Wind speed (m/s) Placing concrete ≤13.8
Climbing ≤7.9
Working temperature (°C) -20 ~ 48

Noted: The Customed stationary height is available.

Concrete Deck Placer Working