Concrete Line Pump

Dawin Concrete Line Pump cooperates with internationally known industrial design company to have the product combined aesthetic thoughts, making it with a all around creative design, then the new vehicular concrete pump was launched after a full research on its reasonable whole layout.


Dawin concrete line pump is a good integration of Jiuhe concrete transporting pump mechanism and the high quality chassis, synthesized the advantages Dawin pump truck and the advantages of Dawin trailer concrete pump with the feature of stable performance, appealing design, easy for maintenance, flexible operation, conveniently site transfer and transportation.

Dawin cooperates with internationally known industrial design company to have the product combined aesthetic thoughts, making it with a all around creative design, then the new vehicular concrete pump was launched after a full research on its reasonable whole layout.

Adopting Europe fashionable design idea makes product appearance beautiful, styled, smooth and human-friendly.

All of those Giveing customers a great feast, and at the same time, the convenience of operation and maintenance are also increased a lot.
Thoughtful attention to every details guarantee product with excellent quality.

Advanced configuration of Concrete Line Pump

Power system:
it adopts original VOLVO/DEUTZ/LOVOL diesel engine.

Main oil pump:
It adopts German HAWE, Rexroth series and Japanese Kawasaki series. It adopts variable displacement piston pump, making sure system with a stable and reliable performance. And it has overpressure and overflow function, so that the main pump and diesel engine can be protected effectively.

Concrete Line Punp only adopts Dongfeng chassis and uses it for a long time, since Dongfeng product quality is at the leading domestic level. It has the following features: mature and reliable, powerful, comfortable driving, good performance, favorable price and so on. And it has reached the national Ⅳ emission standard.

Good concrete absorbing performance:
It has been optimized in inner surface wall of hopper, smooth without material buildup, and together with the smooth S pipe and the precious blade angle, all of which makes the concrete be absorbed into concrete cylinder to the greatest extent possible and improved the concrete absorbing efficiency above 90%.

Large diameter conveying cylinder:
The diameter of conveying cylinder is increased to 230mm, for which decreases the round trip abrasion of piston and prolonged its lifetime. Using large diameter conveying cylinder and match the optimized hopper device, it increases the pump’s extreme limit of conveying concrete.

High-low-pressure automatic switching technology:
Concrete Line Pump is a highly integrated large-flow automatic reversing device, making minimum energy loss, and the switching between high pressure and low pressure transporting can be realized only by one key without penetration and pollution.

Every carefully selected unit can create unique products, making a perfect combination of high quality and practicality, which will surely bring extraordinary performance.

The whole machine uses imported original group valve and together with the high quality main oil pump and the excellent assembly quality to have the highest standard of performance and reliability. Depending on a number of mature concrete pump technology, it got good feedback from users and warmly welcomed among our clients.
Hydraulic hose connector:
Concrete Line Pump adopts American Eaton product to make sure hydraulic system safe without leakage.

Seal components of large oil cylinder:
Those components are from American Parker.

The radiator is air-cooled type, enabling the machine to work under the allowed highest temperature.

S tube valve:
The S tube valve uses high manganese steel to make it, overall cast. Easy wear out surface adopts wear-resistant material for bead weld and it is with the advantage of high pressure resistance and highly wear resistance.

Wear plate and cutting ring:
The two things are made of anti-wearing horniness alloy, they have long service lives.

The pistons are precisely processed with imported material, having hydrolytic resistant, wear resistant and high temperature resistant characteristics. The whole layout has reserved room for future maintenance and replacement, making convenient for repairing of other parts.

Products are highly modular and standardized, saving lots of time for maintenance and replacement.

Wear plates are inner built with large maintenance room, which is easy for replacement.

Intelligent design Of Concrete Line Pump

Lubricating system:
Lubricating system uses automatic multi-point lubricating technology, one-to-one lubrication, and with better performance and prolonged the lifetime of easy wear parts.

Electrical parts:
Main electric elements are from Schneider and LG, the reliability of the electric-control system is highly improved.

Automatic protection technology: Diesel engine startup protection, electric system failure and short circuit protection, auto protection of diesel engine on too high temperature water and low oil pressure, speed limit protection of diesel engine, and quick-stop button.

Specification of Concrete Line Pump

Model HBC50
Driving system Chassis brand FAW/WUZHENG
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement/Power 4.5/132 L/KW
Displacement standard National Standard IV
Tyre model 7.50
Axle base 3.66 m
quantity of axles 2
Max. driving speed 80 Km/h
Front wheel base 1530 mm
Back wheel base 1600 mm
Pumping system Brand of diesel engine WEICHAI Brand
Diesel engine model YC6108ZGB
Diesel engine power 56 KW
Driving mode Hydraulic driving
Oil cylinder inner diameter × stroke Ф125 mm ×Ф80 mm ×1200 mm
Concrete cylinder inner diameter × stroke Ф200 mm ×1200 mm
Oil pressure of system 32Mpa
Switch of H-pressure and L-pressure Equipped
Theoretical pumping pressure H-pressure 12 Mpa
L-pressure 4 Mpa
Theoretical pumping frequency H-pressure 8 times/min
L-pressure 18 times/min
Fuel tank capacity 180 L
Oil tank capacity 200L
Cooling mode of hydraulic system Fan cooling
Max. theoretical capacity H-pressure 20 m3/h
L-pressure 50 m3/h
Pumping distance


Max. Horizontal 125A pipe 300 m
Max. Vertical 125A pipe 120 m
Hopper capacity 0.6 m3
Feeding height ≤1300 mm
Concrete slump 14~23 cm
Max. aggregate diameter Crushed stone: 40 mm / Pebble: 50 mm
Valve S Valve
Water pump for cleaning 24V DC motor water pump
Concrete pipe cleaning mode Water cleaning/dry cleaning
Water tank capacity 200 L
Operation mode Manual /Wire
Lubrication mode Automatic
Overall dimension Length (mm) 7200 mm
Width (mm) 2100 mm
Height (mm) 2750 mm
Full-load total weight 6500 Kg