Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  • Self loading concrete mixer capacity: 14cubic meters per hour, 110cubic meters/day, 33000cubic meters /year.
  • Four wheels drive,Four wheels steering
  • Labor-saving
  • The mixing unit is slewing hydraulically through 270°for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of vehicles
  • Accurate electric weighing system.
  • Loading,weighing,pumping,mixing,delivering and discharge.


Self-loading concrete mixer feature combines self-loading,weighting,mixing and discharging,it can maximize and improve the job efficiency and reduce the production cost and time.

1.LOADING of Self-loading concrete mixer:

Thanks to its unique four bar linkage shovel,its easily manages all the loading operations of the aggregates with excellent precision.

Dawin self loading concrete mixer blade fitted inside the shovel permits the breaking of concrete bags with no waste. From the shovel any material will flow smoothly and quickly through the hopper into the drum.

2.MIXING of Self-loading concrete mixer:

Once in the drum, aggregates and concrete are perfectly mixed together with the self-pumped water from water tank. Mixing quality and therefore concrete quality is granted by the variable angel of logarithmic spiral.

3.DELIVERING of Self-loading concrete mixer:

No place is too difficult for our concrete mixer. The 4 wheel drive transmission of dawin self loading concrete mixer, along with the ideal weight balance, allows to climb, fully loaded, over 30% gradients.

4.DISCHARGING of Self-loading concrete mixer:

The mixing unit is hydraulic slewing 270 degree for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.

Ultimate tank

Loading capacity is larger for the same volume and the center of gravity is low for the same loading capacity.

Tank and Blade

Tank and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel,with service life increased by 30%.

Driving System

As vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive,it can be used for efficient and stable concrete production in harsh working conditions.

Weighting System

Ensuring that concrete meets the construction requirements and weighing precision within ±3%.

Mixing System

Unique continuous trace design is used,with residual rate≤0.4% and a slump change at all stages of ≤5%.

Water Supply

Integrated control is used with one-inlet and multiple-outlet applied,convenient and fast.


All hydraulic functions of shovel controlled by a single joystick.

Operation System

Longitudinal resistance-free design is used,to provided more flexible manipulation.

Loading shovel

Effective capacity per loading complete with hydraulic opening gate with bigger knife.

Vedio of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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Name Item Specification
Net 8300 KG
Gross 12675KG
 Transmission Full Hydraulic
Brake Air Brake
Chassis Off-road
Tread 1880
Wheelbase 2250mm
Loader bucket capacity 0.6m3
Control Hydraulic
Tilt angle 30%
Speed High 0-25KM/H
Low 0-9KM/H
Mini turning radius 6.5M/R
Tyre model 16/70-20
 Engine  Type  Cummins 4BTA3.9-C125
Rated Power/RPM 85KW/2200RPM/125HP 2200RPM
Max.Torque/RPM 460N.M/1400RPM
Cylinder 4
Starter Electric
Cooling type water cooling

Maxing Drum

Drum capacity 3.85M3
Bank Angle 16 °
Rotation Angle 17-21R/min
Chute Swing Angle ≥60°
Angle control Hydraulic
Size Long:176cm
Loader Weighing model computer control
Concrete Standard C15.C20.C25 C30
 Accuracy concrete ≤±2%/time
Relative  Error ≤±3%/time
water ≤±1%/time
Additive ≤±1%/time
Admixture ≤±2%/time
 Control One hydraulic 4 way stick
Overall size 7500*2700*3380mm

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