Stationary Concrete Placing Boom

HGY28 Stationary Concrete Placing Boom Installed inside the buildings, maximum use of placing radius,maximal placing range;
◆ Installed by means of the existing elevator shafts without need of opening on floor;
◆ Strong wall bearing capacity can ensure safety and reliability of equipment even for large-scale placing booms;
◆ Climbing frames and supports have independent systems to reduce labor intensity of workers;
◆ Double installing functions, can also be installed on floor as floor mounted placing booms;


In order to extend the placing range of concrete pump and enhance the mechanization of pumping construction, our company have researched and developed the new products-a series of stationary concrete placing boom HGY-28 and HGY33 (the number is the placing radius)

The stationary concrete placing boom is the assorted equipment of concrete pump. Its application extends the delivery range of concrete, efficiently solves the problem of wall painting and plays an important role in enhancing construction efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.

Boom Section

The same-class weld manufacturing technique of boom pump is adopted for boom, the quality is excellent.

Rotary table

The motor redactor is from Comer in Italy. It is in a high speed rate, and long life span and reliable.


The valves are from German Bosch Rexroth. They are in good performance and good working condition

Main Oil Pump

The hydraulic system adopts France Hydro-leduc  pump with high pressure, low flux pulse and low noise.

Electric control system

It’s all equipped with electric elements from schneider with high reliability,and wireless remote control are all in.

Remote Control

Accessories(American Parker seal,Yangtze river hydraulic parts,LS and Omron Main electric parts)

Vedio of Stationary Concrete Placing boom

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Specification of Stationary Concrete Placing boom

Item HGY28
Pipeline diameter φ125
Radius of placing boom(m) 27.7
Stationary height(m)

Noted:27.7m height tower need order


Three hydraulic

foldable arms

1st section       10.50m
2nd section 9.20m
3rd section 8.00m


lst section -4.2°~+82.5°
2nd section O°~180°
3rd section O°~180°
Slewing range(°) 360
The min.Interval of

Climbing frame

Climbing 3.O
Placing concrete 6.O


the tubular column is 20%~25% less than congener products

The Stationary Concrete Placing Boom – Floor Frame Climbing

The Stationary Concrete Placing Boom – Wall Frame Climbing