trailer Mounted concrete pump

  • 40-50m³h Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump has the fuction of reversed pumping,so the pipeline block is reduced to the greatest extent.
  • The outlet pressure is high so able to meet the delivery demands of high buildings and long distance constructions.
  • The cooling of the hydraulic oil adopts water-cool system,which has a good cooling effect and easy to operate.
  • The electric case is equipped with a wire remote control handle,making the operation much easier.


HBT and DHBT series trailer mounted concrete pump based on our mature hydraulic large concrete pumps especially for urban construction and the new rural reconstruction, our company developed the mini model that could pump not only large aggregate concrete but also fine stone concrete and mortar. We mainly manufacture this trailer mounted concrete pumps with capacity 20-50m³/h and delivery pressure 7-13Mpa.

This trailer mounted concrete pump is small in size,with light weight and easy to move,so it is widely applied in the construction, transportation construction, railway construction, hydraulic and power engineering, etc.

Electric System

Main electric elements are Schneider and LS Brand,the reliability of electric-control is highly improved.

Hydraulic System

Equipped with specially-made valves:large folows,little energy consumption and light impact;ensuring longer service lives.

Power System

Electomotor adopts Yantai and Beide motor of Siemens;Diesel engine adpots Lovol and Volve Brand.

Main Oil Pump

The main oil pump apply German HAWE,Rexroth series and Japanese Kawasaki Series.

S Tube

It cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel and the surface of splined shaft is specially treated with alloy.

Hopper Device

The Hopper is capacity-increased,coupled with fence and equipped with vibration motor to meet concrete pumping.

Cooling System

It adopts dual-cooling system,  with air cooling and water cooling,not only for hot climate but also for cold climate.

Glassed Plate

Glass plates and cut loops are made of anti-wearing horniness alloy,they have long service lives.

Centralized lubricating

The lubricant will be injected to the main oil line by the plunger pump and distributed to each lubrication point.

Vedio of Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

60cbm trailer concrete pump p2

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Item Unit Electromotor Series Diesel Series
Theoretical max. discharging volume m³/h 40 50 40 50
Theoretical max. delivery pressure Mpa 10 12 10 12
Max. oil pressure of pumping system MPa 28 28 28 28
The type of distribution valve S tube valve S tube valve S tube valve S tube valve
Specification of delivery cylinder mm Φ160×1000 Φ200×1200 Φ160×1000 Φ200×1200
Specification of main oil cylinder mm Φ100×Φ70×1000 Φ125/Φ80×1200 Φ100×Φ70×1000 Φ125/Φ80×1200
Hopper capacity L 600 600 400 500
Electromotor(Diesel) power Kw 45 55 56 56
Max. diameter of aggregates mm Pebble 40

crushed stone 30

Pebble 40

crushed stone 30

Pebble 40

crushed stone 30

Pebble 40

crushed stone 30

Inner dia. of delivery pipe mm Φ100 Φ100 Φ100 Φ100
Dimension mm 4970×1680×1870 5270×2000×1840 4970×1680×2580 5270×1860×2580
Overall weight Kg 3200 3500 3400 3700
Theoretical max. delivery pressure M Horizontal 300 Horizontal 350 Horizontal 300 Horizontal 350
Vertical 120 Vertical 150 Vertical 120 Vertical 150

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